I call my work "Soul(e)Scapes" - 'intuitive abstractions' - the last 35 years of my journey have been fueled by the richness that is brought forth by exploring and reflecting upon issues of Life, Fulfillment and Meaning"; especially outside the realm of the senses.

The essence of my observation is usually supported by the experience of  Transpersonal* Art Therapy processes; study of Theosophy and Vipassana Meditation. My works become symbols or metaphors reflecting and sharing insight. I embrace the inquiry that can occur in the interface between reason, philopsophy, ethics, religion, science and the arts.

I actively participate in the Arts Community. A longstanding member of the NSW Sculptors Society. In 2021 we moved to Melbourne and I am a team member on the Association of Sculptors of Victoria presidente Team. I have exhibited my art in many exhibitions over the years and have recently been included in the publication 'the NSW Sculptors Society - Celebrating 70 years'. 

Gunnels work has been described as poetic, fluid, original and multi-layered in interpretation and meaning.

* trans·per·son·al/transˈpərsənl/Adjective: Of, denoting, or dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.


Current member:  Asociation of Sculptors of Victoria; NSW Sculptors Society; Victorian Art Society; Contemporary Art Society, Contemporary Sculptors Victoria, Theosophical Society; Threshold Choir.

Recently: Herring Island - Summer Arts Festival 2022, Incinerator Gallery (March 2020/ June 2019/March 2018); Chatswood Chase (August 2020); ‘Holidays at The Concourse’ (Chatswood Art Space Dec 2018); Willoughby Council (Dec 2018/Jan 2019); Lane Cove ArtXtra (Nov 2018)

Influenced by: Contemporary Impressionism; Theosophy; Vipassana Meditation; Transpersonal Art Therapy.

Education: Degree Science (Microbiology);  Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy; Certificate IV Disabilities; Certificate IV Training and Assessment; Mastery Program, Tom Bass Sculpture School; TAFE NSW Fine Arts (Sculpture) National Art School Workshops, other.

Nationality: Australian with Swedish and Estonian heritage.

Instagram: Gunnel Watkins