Gunnel Watkins

I work in the realm of contemporary impressionism.

My work is grounded in exploring, experiencing and expressing the essence of things.

I wish to 'see' not just 'look. What I 'see' I seek to make visible and interpret through 'an impressionistic lens'.

"Truth is rarely to be found in the external appearance of things".

I step into an image or walk through urban and natures textures with the aim of exploring and experiencing the essence from within.

“I believe that we take our magic with us and beauty can be found eveywhere".

When I explore I am present to natures law of impermanence and evolution. Every form is changing moment to moment...growing, decaying, expanding, contracting, we live inside this reality?..or do we live inside an illusion of time and space.

Gunnels work has been described as poetic, fluid, original and multi-layered in interpretation and meaning.

On view: Exhibits annually with the NSW Sculptors Society (member since 2002) 

Recently: Incinerator Gallery (March 2020/ June 2019); Chatswood Chase (August 2020); ‘Holidays at The Concourse’ (Chatswood Art Space Dec 2018); Willoughby Council  (Dec 2018/Jan 2019); Lane Cove ArtXtra (Nov 2018)

Influenced by: Contemporary Impressionism; Theosophy; Vipassana Meditation; Transpersonal Art Therapy, Brancusi, Arp, and Kandinsky.

Education: Degree Science (Microbiology); Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy; Certificate IV Disabilities; Certificate IV Training and Assessment; Mastery Program, Tom Bass Sculpture School; TAFE NSW Fine Arts (Sculpture) National Art School  Workshops, other. 

Nationality: Australian with Swedish and Estonian heritage.

Instagram: Gunnel Watkins