Gunnel Watkins

I am a Transpersonal Artist and work in the realm of abstract expressionism. I believe that art created from within has inherent healing power when it comes from a place of inner truth. I let my soul(e)scape through my work and I enter into an inspired dance. My work becomes a source of 'art therapy'.

My objective is to create from a ‘soul conscious state of being’….experiencing an expanded level of consciousness.

The transpersonal is concerned with the realms beyond the usual ego boundaries and the limitations of time and space.

I use transpersonal processes e.g. yoga, meditation, chanting, esoteric study and ritual to move towards an alternate state and create from there. I open up a dialogue with the work facilitating new understandings, meaning, healing and insight. 

My soul(e)scapes become an internalised map of my experience, my ‘silent witness’. I share my work with the intention that my Soul(e)Scapes will communicate, resonate and impact another.

My current work is focused on seeking and experiencing the ‘essence’ within the abstract.

Def: Transpersonal Art Therapy’ allows the participant to travel within themselves in search of healing and strength. Transpersonal literally refers to travelling within by means of meditation, which takes you on a journey beyond your conditioned thinking and into a deeper state of relaxation where you can access a higher state of consciousness’.

 Gunnels work has been described as poetic, fluid, original and multi-layered in interpretation and meaning.

Gunnel Watkins is a Sydney based artist. 

On view: Exhibits annually with the NSW Sculptors Society (member since 2002) 

Recently: Incinerator Gallery (March 2020/ June 2019); Chatswood Chase (August 2020); ‘Holidays at The Concourse’ (Chatswood Art Space Dec 2018); Willoughby Council  (Dec 2018/Jan 2019); Lane Cove ArtXtra (Nov 2018)

Influenced by: Brancusi, Arp, and Kandinsky; Transpersonal Art Therapy; Theosophy.

Education: Degree Science (Microbiology); Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy; Certificate IV Disabilities; Certificate IV Training and Assessment; Mastery Program, Tom Bass Sculpture School ; National Art School  Workshops (Welding, Ceramics, Drawing); Certificate Fine Arts (TAFE).

Nationality: Australian with Swedish and Estonian heritage.

Instagram: Gunnel Watkins