20. Sep, 2020

200920...can we be so lost we don't even know that we are lost?


hope transverses perfect sky
expectation rips through dormant wasteland
everything that had been done
screamed of what had not been done

we slept
like clustered clouds
selecting occasions to awake from or escape

pulsating, we pushed against the mountain
propelled by virtuous thoughts bursting through dark cracks
purpose created rainbows hiding the abyss
dreams swept clean, leaving nothing
actions bringing flight to our souls, or so we thought

it was the twighlight we feared
night brought shapeless things
ascending, we walked, pulled by distant cries
dread twisting us like hollow roots pulling us underground
we became accustomed to the feeling

we stared at our reflection
the moon casts nothing in black water
without curiosity, void, vacant
our hearts had lost the capacity to feel anything but exhaustion

yet i fight
to rip through like a lunatic wind, to drive trees mad
to experience unendurable grief or the beauty of creation
to fly in the face of life
on the other side of silence